Be Fucking Courageous

Today, a task for you: Be Fucking Courageous.

This is your life — if you don’t like something, change it.

If you don’t like who you are, become someone different.

The best thing about being alive is that YOU get to choose what has meaning in your life, and what doesn’t.


Want to quit your job? Go for it.

Go traveling more.

Get hurt and bounce back.


Stop saying “no” to things you feel in your gut.

Goddamit, say “yes.”


You DON’T have forever.

There isn’t “always tomorrow.”


Start doing more things that you love.

Create “not-to-do” lists and abandon things that make you unhappy.


Create beautiful things that make you happy. Share them.

Make time for yourself.


Be silly. Be a little delusional.

Be convinced that it WILL work.


Appreciate the people in front of you.
Laugh more.


Don’t be scared to fuck shit up.
Consider failure the toll on the way to getting where you want to go.


Just kiss her.
Just tell him, “I love you.”


Adopt the “Let’s just see what happens” mentality.

Be. Fucking. Courageous.

And if you ever doubt yourself, step outside of your own frame and take a look at all the amazing things happening around you.
Pinch yourself and repeat after me: “This is water. This is water.”


If you haven’t heard this incredible speech by David Foster Wallace, take the time to listen to it while you’re doing something else. It will change your life.


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Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something. A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business. His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.

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