More Details on the “How to Get Paid to Write” Beta Class


Let’s talk about this new course I’m developing called Paid to Write.

I hear you’re interested in enrolling, but need a bit more information. I’d be happy to assist!

My motivations

My primary motivation behind making the class was to answer all the questions that I had as a beginning writer and help fast track you up the ladder to earning money as a full-time writer, making a good living on your own time.

What makes me qualified to teach this stuff? I thought you’d never ask!

I’m literally, 100%, completely obsessed with writing. If I could stay coked up for 3 weeks straight just churning out novels, I would.

(Just wait until my midlife crisis…!)

People told me I’d never make it as a writer because that wasn’t a “real” career. I wanted to prove them wrong.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve made a career out of my affinity for the written word — and managed to get paid very well in the process.

If you want to learn how to get paid to write, I’m your guy.

I’ve also been reading all your feedback about the class via email and social — and so far including all of that + the material I had planned already, a rough outline has formed.

Here is a partial list of what I’m going to cover in the class, taking into account your feedback:

The mindset and habits of a professional writer:

  • How to set your writing practice up for success by creating a powerful daily writing routine.
  • How to organize your thoughts to prevent writer’s block from happening.
  • All the apps, tools and systems the pros use to get that “slight edge.”
  • Idea development, style and voice — how to make your writing stand out.
  • Where to focus your time and energy to get the biggest “bang for your buck.”

The in’s and out’s of:

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging and content writing
  • Writing for outlets and syndications
  • Self-Publishing your work
  • Traditionally publishing a book

Skills to increase your value/rates for copywriting, marketing, blogging and other writing:

  • How to learn to write good copy
  • How to start making money immediately (even if it’s not much)
  • Alternatives to Freelancer or Upwork for finding clients
  • Blogs to follow
  • Techniques for building a portfolio
  • Books and other courses good for learning the biz
  • How to practice, learn and develop skill after getting started
  • Online tools to help build the biz / skills
  • How proficiency in copywriting bleeds into other writing disciplines

How to write and publish a book:

  • Overview of the writing process — how to map out your book before you begin writing
  • How to turn an outline into chapters and construct the book
  • How to write a bestseller: tips, techniques, and strategies for writing a killer book
  • The book marketing process: an overview
  • Self-publishing vs. Traditional publishing. Which should you choose, and why?

Getting into bookstores with traditional publishing:

  • How the traditional publishing model works
  • How to find an agent to represent you
  • How to write a six-figure proposal and negotiate the contract
  • Selling your book to a big NYC publishing house: how it really works

I’ll also be touching on how to find clients in the wild, using writing to develop your personal brand and several other topics that’ll be important for you to know. If there’s anything major that I’ve missed, let me know.

If this sounds awesome, you can complete your enrollment here.

As I said before, we are beta-testing this thing and I have a maximum of 100 seats available. I’m going to spend my time working with everybody, so that’s the absolute maximum I can do.

I’ve been thinking about it — and I’m going to price it $195 per seat for beta users. It’ll go up in the future, and beta users will get access to the upgraded version for free. No refunds on the beta class.

I want to draw your attention to the words I used…

I said $195 per seat. Because that’s what I’m really selling here — it’s an event. I’m not selling you the information, per say. Nor am I selling some dusty videos locked behind a paywall.

I’m offering you a seat at table with me as I create something really cool. And I’m offering you the opportunity to learn deeply about a topic that you care about — and could make you a lot of money, directly from somebody who has already done it at a high level.

Here’s how the class will work:


When you sign up, I’ll send you access to the beta version of the program.

Then, I’ll ask everybody for more questions and do another round of videos until we’ve gotten everybody’s questions answered.

True classroom style. This is a conversation.

I hope you’ll become a beta student. You’re about to level up.

> Click here to enroll now in How to Get Paid to Write. Limited seats.


PS — adding some FAQ’s here…



1. Why is it called a “beta” class?

I’ve never taught this class before. I’m running it as an opportunity to develop new material by working closely with my readers and students. I don’t have everything planned out yet, as I would with a course that is already “polished.” That’s why I’m calling it “beta,” keeping the price very reasonable and giving you lifetime access to the material + the “full” version of the course when it’s created.

2. How is the class delivered/structured? 

The material is delivered over a series of streaming audio lectures, with supplemental links and videos. You will have 30 days to watch and ask me questions about the material. I’ll read your questions and make more videos. This is a real conversation.

3. What if I don’t live in the US?

Cool. No problem. You can watch whenever you’d like. No time-sensitive materials. You don’t need to be anywhere except a quiet location with your laptop or cell phone to begin watching.

4. Are there assignments? What’s the workload like?

No assignments. Work at your own pace. This is an informational course with actionable info, but nothing immediately needs to be turned in. There are no grades.

5. Will I get feedback on my writing?

No. This class isn’t about teaching you how to write better. It’s about learning all the opportunities out there for making money as a full-time writer, how to break into the industry and get passed the gatekeepers. Do you like writing? How about money? Good. I’ll show you how to write words and get paid.

6. Will I get to ask Daniel questions to answer?

Yes. There will be a private email address for beta students to ask me questions.

7. Will I be able to access the course later?

Yes. You have lifetime access. You can forget about it for a few months, then when you’re ready to start getting writing, log back in and start learning.

8. Will I get upgraded when Daniel makes the “official version”?

Yes. Beta members will get access to the full version of the course when it rolls out later. 100% free.

9. How much is a seat in the beta class?

Seats in the beta class are $195. There are 10 spots available total for this round, after that, you’ll be added to the waiting list.


If you’re ready to enroll, we’d be delighted to have you.

Only a few spots left.

>> Enroll in “Get Paid to Write” now.

Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something. A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business. His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.