How To Get A TON of Work Done Without Having Any Discipline

Have you ever tried to undertake a massive project — but just couldn’t seem to summon the willpower or discipline to follow through?

Ummm yeah…I definitely have. We all have.

In fact, I’ll take it one step further: I’ll assert that the #1 reason most people don’t get what they want out of life (relationships, careers, money, etc) is because they don’t have any systems in place for accomplishing the big goals they set for themselves.

It’d be NICE to go to they gym more.

It’d be NICE to have the career that we want.

It’d be NICE to start a business.

But as soon as we have to implement the steps it’s going to take to get there…everything seems to sort of fall apart.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, we welcome my friend Robin Hanna to the blog. Robin’s going to tell you how he was able to tackle a huge project with little-to-no willpower expended.

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And be sure to read all the way to the end — he’s put together a free set of bonus guides that will help you take these strategies to the next level 🙂


Ok, I’m done with my rant.

Take it away, Robin!


Do you know the guy who begins watching an episode of house of cards and ends up binge watching the whole thing in three days?

The guy who says that he is going to work-out after the holidays to lose the extra weight… before every holidays?

The guy who always talks about big projects and impresses everybody with the amount of BS excuses he finds to delay it?

 (“yeah I’m gonna write a book and become famous, like J.K Rowling. Wait a second… she begun writing the Harry Potter series  in her 40s.. That leaves me plenty of time!”)


  She makes 3 million a week, better start now dude!

 You certainly know which guy I’m talking about, and maybe you’re like him.

Hey, I’m not judging, I was too!

However, a few month ago, I broke up with this attitude, in a radical, hyper-effective way…

After overthinking stuff for nearly two years,  I decided to create a cool product that I could sell online.

 Since I’m working as a business consultant and a marketing strategist with start-ups , the first and most interesting idea that came to mind was…

A course where I present ALL the strategies and tactics I use to skyrocket my clients sales and overall conversion rates!

The thought frightened me at first  (“Ughh… man, do you realize how much time this will take?”)


But after writing my goal down, I felt jacked!

Yep, like this!

 I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but when you write an immense goal down on paper, you feel excited and a bit naughty (in a good way) for aiming so high.

 I actually begun thinking about how I could achieve this… and came to a quick conclusion: I have to reverse-engineer the ***** out of this project!

1.) First question: What is the biggest problem I will encounter?

 You already know it… it’s called momentum (also known as the “I’m going to crush this, I’m friggin psyched”-feeling). It doesn’t last very long, and certainly not several months.  “If I had any discipline, this would be no problem at all…” is always the first thing that comes to mind when  tackling a big project.

2.) Second question: What is the 2nd biggest problem I will have to face?

A lack of consistency (if I actually get to work and attack this immense project, which I really didn’t see happening at the time).


It’s pretty easy actually.  I’m going to show you exactly how you can achieve ANY PROJECT, GOAL, DREAM you want, without needing any discipline upfront.

Before introducing you to my surefire solution, let me ask you some quick questions :

Do you remember a time where you achieved something on your “to-do” list… even though you didn’t want to?

Of course you do, come on!

Middle school, high school, college…there were always dumb assignments and other stuff you had to do.

Just last week, I wrote an essay about the neorealist theory applied to China’s Expansion. Was I excited about doing it? 



Let’s be real: did you ever need discipline to do these school assignments?

No, not really. Most of the time, you just did them because you knew that you had to…

How was this possible?

You did these stupid assignments and learned to pass your exams because you felt PRESSURE.

There were real-life consequences to failing at school and college, and you wanted to avoid them at any cost.

If these consequences failed to make you work, you also got boring punishments, especially when you were younger.

Plus, you had somebody looking at your work..

After thinking about this…I had an epiphany:

 “If I want to actually create my big course, I need to have a system in place that will erase the need for discipline!”



So I created one on the spot!

I started on December 14th, 2014 and on April 4th 2015 — after 330 hours of intense work…I published the course!  

I worked every day at it. Every day.

I didn’t miss a single one. Even on Christmas (my grandma didn’t like it)!

It was not as hard as I’ve expected. Every day brought a sense of accomplishment with it.

“Robin, that seems pretty cool, do you mind explaining how you did this?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I intend to do now 😉

Here is the step-by step breakdown for how I did this (I’ll show you two other highly effective ways in the gift at the end):

  1. I decided on a daily task I had to do in order to make my goal a reality (in the first 2 month, it was “write 1000 words a day”, then, in February, it was “create 3 keynote presentations a day” and, finally, in March, the daily goal was “film and edit 3 videos a day”)
  1. I thought about someone who could play the role of the professor ( the “accountability” part of the system) and quickly came up with a friend of mine, David, who is also committed to personal growth.
  1. I decided on a stake if I failed to deliver (the “pressure” part of the system), and came up with “I will pay you 200€ if I fail to deliver, even if it’s just one day”. No little, weak stakes allowed. Commit to your goal by putting something real on the line!
  1. A stake alone can be sufficient to get really psyched and motivated, but sometimes, for the hardcore procrastinator, you need more than that. If you implement what I’m going to tell you, you can be 99% sure that you will achieve your goal.

But remember — you have to provide PROOF.

Every day, send your accountability partner something that will prove that you’ve worked. For instance, every day, in the 2 first months, I sent my friend David a screenshot of a document, with the number of words displayed.


2270 words on February 2nd

And the rest is history.

Using this method (which is kind of a Seinfeld calendar on steroids) anchors you in the present, and you’ll magically stop (over-)thinking about the big picture, since you KNOW that you’ve got a system that will lead you towards your goal, no matter what.

Don’t believe me? Let’s throw some lame excuses at the system :

Excuse: “I forgot about it and now it’s midnight… “ 

Answer: Don’t worry, do it now, as long as you also still deliver tomorrow, you’re fine 😉

Excuse: “I’m tired…”

Answer: Deal with it or hand out the cash.

It’s cruel, and that’s why it works so well.

I’ve created one of the most thorough, no BS, 80/20 marketing courses out there, and I did it on Autopilot.

And for the people making excuses, let me tell you this : it’s way better to commit to any goal than to nothing at all.

Now, you’re certainly asking yourself how you can apply it to your goals, dreams you want to achieve or habits you want to create…

Well, I’m gonna show you how, right now!

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If you thought these tactics were powerful, check out the strategy guides I put together for you.

You’ll get :

  • An exact step-by step guide where I explain 3 additional methods on how to setup this system in 2 minutes (hint : there are other motivators than cash involved)
  • A list of 6 other goals I’ve set this way which changed my life and that will transform yours too ( +4 goals I’m working on right now, one of them will make ANYBODY successful, It should be the first one you implement)
  • A video where I take you by the hand and show you exactly how I set a goal (Yep, I really want you to do this!)

You can get all of this Awesomeness for FREE by clicking HERE. 


Make the move, transform your life. Implementing the system will assure that you do anything you have to do. Do yourself a favor and apply this starting NOW.

If you’ve ever used it or are psyched about applying it to a specific goal of yours, please tell me about it in the comment section, I would love to see how other people apply it!

And yeah, be sure to share this article with ANYBODY who can benefit from this system (duh, of course you do 😀 ) !

Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something. A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business. His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.