How To Hustle Like 50 Cent (5 “Thugged Out” Lessons)

I love finding “non-traditional” mentors and applying their teachings to my own work, and sometimes, I find inspiration in the strangest places.

Thinking back to 9th grade — I have to be honest — my mom was right. I definitely shouldn’t have been listening to some of the music that I was.

In fact, when I listen to some of it now, I cringe and wonder what type of irreversible damage must happen to a 14-year old brain when it’s being completely assaulted by the sheer magnitude of profanity that’s in the typical rap album nowadays.

(God, I just re-read that. I sound old.)

Somehow, though, I turned out ok…



Thugged out.

Back in high school, one of my favorite rappers was 50 Cent. I know an embarrassing percentage of the lyrics in his first 3 albums, and I’m Patiently Waiting to be asked 21 Questions about them.

(Pause. Wait for rap aficionados to recognize the double entendre.)

But this does bring up an interesting point: Despite the fact that 50 says some straight up crazy sh** in his music, the guy is a business mastermind. Legitimately.


50 talks business with the Wall Street Journal

After growing up a poor black kid in Jamaica Queens, NYC…then becoming a rap superstar…then leveraging that success and becoming a music mogul…and then using his connections and power to become serial entrepreneur who’s now worth over a quarter BILLION dollars…I’d have to say Mr. Cent is someone to admire.

No, not because at one time or another he ran a sophisticated drug ring (more details on that in his New York Times bestseller with Robert Greene, The 50th Law.)

And no, not because he got shot 9 times and lived. (How many times does he have to keep mentioning it??)

But because he knows how to turn a bad situation into an extremely profitable one.

Isn’t that a skill we could ALL use? I think so.

Today, I’m super excited to show you this incredible infographic by my friend David Hobson, in collaboration with Aaron Fifield at One Deep Design.

Don’t just look and leave — tell me who YOU would pick…

Enjoy this cool presentation, and leave me a comment telling me who YOUR most unconventional mentor is, and why.

Bonus points for people who pick really crazy people that I’d never expect. I’m looking forward to reading these, you weirdos!

– DD


Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something. A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business. His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.

  • Therman

    One of my places of inspiration is unconventional for the same reasons yours is. Ive kept an eye on Jigga and the moves he’s made since Reasonable Doubt. I have to say though, I’ve never considered it “unconventional”.

  • Rbn

    This was a hard one but my final choice is David Foster Wallace. Note that I came up with David even tho I had no idea how much he was worth and made the choice purely based on his performance. Unfortunately he commited suicide some years ago and died with an estimated net worth of 5 million usd. Picking a person purely on his or her performance might sound weird to some, fact is that David has amazing speeches and combined with psychology you really can’t fault him. For the people never heard of this amazing guy look for “this is water” on youtube or google( this one is just my favourite) Personally I am not easily convinced by anything and will always be able to find something “wrong” with tv adverts, discounts etc.
    The people who watched David’s speech might (still) be wondering what my big point is so allow me to explain, David’s way of speaking is clean, honest but effective because he somehow gets inside your brain and makes you think about stuff. Simply said: he would be able to sell you anything due to the fact that he is such a good and smart speaker.
    P.s. my second places are reserved for ramit sethi and Daniel (duh !)

  • TheDarkLlama

    Brandon Webb and Chris Kyle.  Former Navy SEALs who both had claims to fame and wrote books.  The first basically “hacked” the sniper’s test and set new records for it by realizing you could run most of the way and thought differently about it all before becoming a sniper instructor himself.  The second had the most confirmed kills of any sniper in us military history–by his own admission mostly due to luck.  These are top performers among top performers and have fascinating stories to tell.  Not to mention interesting combat insights that I can pass along to my Fight Response students.  Someday I’ll have to try and meet Webb.  Kyle unfortunately was killed at a gun range.

  • KioshanaLaCount

    So, I’m only a little bit embarrassed to say that one of my celebrity *hustle* mentors is Kim Kardashian. She never ceases to amaze me at the way that she has turned having arguably very little talent aside from her stunning looks into a multi million profession. I’m also inspired by her uncanny ability to turn some of the worst situations that could happen to a celebrity into a good thing, over and over again. Nothing ever seems to ruffle her feathers, and she doesn’t seem to care very much that most people give her the side-eye at every turn. .. and I don’t blame her, because at the end of the day, we are still looking and she’s still getting paid.

  • practicalcivilization

    Back-to-back double plat, I did what you want. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Jay-Z all the way!

  • Rich20Something

    KioshanaLaCount Admittedly, I have to agree. Sara Sunshine would too. Despite the fact that her personality seems to be the consistency of a wooden spoon, I guess she knows what she’s doing.

    KioshanaLaCount- is that what you call “famous for being famous?”

  • Rich20Something

    TheDarkLlama Wait…didn’t they have movies made after them?

  • Rich20Something

    @Rbn This is such a good one. I posted the DFW speech in

  • Rich20Something

    Therman Classic. Dang, that’s two votes for Jay in this post!

  • TheDarkLlama

    Rich20Something TheDarkLlama Ha I don’t think so.  But they were friends with the movie famous ones… and always talk about those guys.  I think one even directly writes “when the events in xyz movie were happening, I was doing this stuff”.  It’s just so fascinating hearing about their mindsets and how they do things a lot of people think are impossible.  :3

  • Rbn

    Rich20Something  Glad you think so to ! Actually that post is where I first seen the spech. When you wrote the video is life changing I almost laughed, ignored the video and kept on reading your post. Eventually (after about 5 times of reading your post over a period of time) I gave in and watched the video which I then downloaded and now watch when I need inspiration or remind myself not to give up.
     @Ramit You made me really interested in your opinion about Ramit now so please explain yourself as I do agree that anyone/anything is arguable  ! 🙂

  • Anyone read the 50th law by Robert Greene?

  • Henry Rollins for strength, modesty, honesty and poetry! Be inspired:

  • OrlandoHall They’re both great and come from two very different angles, Dude. Put me on your list for that!

  • Man, LOVE 50! He keeps on grinding and hustling, and as his net worth grows, he inspires me to push myself beyond my limits. Thanks!

  • Rich20Something

    Juliet Annerino LOVE THIS

  • Rich20Something

    BenAustinBlog Got it on my list for the end of the year!!!

  • Rich20Something

    @Vivek YES

  • Rich20Something

    RyanKBiddulph Do it! Grind!!

  • Jason Brady

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