Money Is Everywhere, Business Is Everything

I was in Sydney the other morning and I woke up after a huge night out and went to a cool little cafe in the city for coffee and brekky.

As usual, whenever I am in a dazed, kind of hungover, and extremely tired state, my mind wanders into the astral planes and I start thinking about some weird shit, metaphysics, larger ideas, self improvement and all of that sort of thing.

This time my hungover thinking was different, it was still under my usual post bender meta category, however, as I saw a delivery guy walking into the shop and delivering some coffee beans, I noticed his uniform, the trolley he was holding, the boxes the coffee came in, the logo of the coffee, the way the coffee box was designed, which part of the shelf the coffee went on to, what the label said and how it was designed.

Then I looked to the barista, the apron she was wearing, the shine on the coffee machine, the coffee machine itself, the coffee cups, the design of the coffee cups, the take away coffee cups, the stainless steel on the bench where the coffee machine sat.

Then I started noticing EVERYTHING about the cafe. The art on the walls, the gradient on the wood panels on the walls, the cafe’s coasters on the table where I sat, the raw wood of the table at which I sat, the floor, the cafe’s logo on the chair on which I sat, the design on the plates, the napkin dispenser….

Then I walked outside, I saw the sign, the frame of the sign, the art on the window, the staff member cleaning the tables, the table cleaner, the salt, pepper and sugar on every table…and more, and more, and more, and…..

I sat there stunned and came to a realization…

Every single thing that I just mentioned, that I saw with my own two eyes. Someone got paid, real life (not monopoly) money to not only just create that, but to design it, to deliver it, to distribute it, to install it, to photograph it, to advertise it and to tie it all together.

My mind started RACING with 100’s of business ideas that I could start RIGHT THEN with no money, just wifi and a laptop (how many fucking times have you heard that before).

I realized, I could start a business that:

  • Delivered specific coffee beans to cafe’s in my area and all I would need is a car.
  • Designed and installed bespoke signs for cafe’s and all I would need is a laptop and a phone.
  • Start an apron embroidering business, that embroidered cafes aprons with a beautiful stitched finish for all their staff.
  • Get custom coffee cups made for cafes with unique twists for the same that they are paying for their current take away cups.
  • Do a little research and find the best cleaning products for cafe’s then put them of a subscription service once per month of every product they will need every month.
  • Provided custom mural art for cafe windows and provided the sign writing.
  • Create rustic small cafe style dining tables, burn on the cafe logo and provide them with tables that would add so much character to their cafe.
  • Start a labouring company that hired staff to a shoplifting contractor when building out new cafes.

Can you see where I am going with this?!?

My point is this: Literally anywhere you find yourself, all you need to do is look around, see EVERYTHING that is there, and realize that someone, right now, is earning 6 figures doing that shit right there. And everything you see needed someone to think of the idea, design it, market it, distribute it, install it, deliver it, maintain it, make it look good, etc etc etc.

“But someone is already doing it, which means that there are no more opportunities for me to earn 6 figures and quit my shit job.”


All you need to do to get your slice of this beautiful money pie, is just do it 2% better, 1% more on time, and with 0.8% passion and BANG, you are an upgrade from their last coffee cup artwork supplier, or sign installer or BF or GF. Now, always strive for your best, but the above was to highlight how easy it is.  

The idea you are looking for to escape your current 9-5 situation is already here. All you have to do is look around you, unlock your mind and realize that there is a 6 figure business in EVERYTHING.

The only thing you have to do, is simply put one foot in front of the other and just give it a shot.

Finally, you might be thinking “but I can’t design, I can’t install a sign, I can’t embroider, I can’t build a table, I can’t do anything…”

Have you heard of It’s a magical place where you can find ANYONE that can do ANYTHING. All you need to do is be the guy or girl that delivers it to your end client, you know, the cafe owner! He or she don’t give a DAMN who does it, as long as he or she is happy.

I run a successful digital agency, and I can’t code a line of web, can’t create a directory listing to save my life, and as you can tell, I can’t write to save my life. All I did though, was get the clients to solve their problem, found someone who could already do it, put my management margin on top, and packaged it all up and delivered it to the client. ZERO technical skills necessary.

There you go, no more excuses as to why you can’t get a good idea, or all the good ideas are taken, or I don’t have any skills.

All you need is to pick one of the 3290234832748324793275832759 ideas in front of you right now. And pro-tip…it doesn’t even matter which one you choose, flip a coin, pick one and be on your one way ticket to the bank.

I guess there is your ticket out of employee or unemployed land.

And trust me, rocking up to the club when “Where Ya At” by Future is playing after you make just one sale, makes you feel like a bigger rockstar than the man himself.

From now on, remember, money is everywhere, business is everything.


Hursh Dodhia-Shah

24 year old full service digital agency owner from Perth, Australia. First time post university entrepreneur, when I am not working, you can catch me enjoying the fruits of my labour in traveling, snowboarding, and trapping out at hip hop gigs all over the world.

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