Simple Rules For Cold Calling For Business in 2017

I haven’t made a cold call in 4-5 months.

But I just closed 3 meetings and one sale in a day from cold calls. I am a huge fan of the cold call, when done correctly, as I have scored many awesome projects off simple, down to earth human interactions.

I think when done right, cold calls are an absolute GEM of a marketing tool, as they are very personal and powerful. Here are my main tips when it comes to cold calling…

My 7 golden rules for cold calling in 2017:

  1. Don’t be desperate. Desperation puts people off. Come from a place of abundance, and if you don’t have abundance, tell yourself that you are an expert and it is a pleasure for them to speak to you. You are a talented, skilled freelancer, who is attractive and adds value to their business; you are gifting them by calling them.
  2. Be REAL – None of this bullshit scripted stuff. A big “Hey man how you going” or “Hey mate how are ya?!” is PERFECT. Or whatever is CASUAL and NORMAL in your native country. It’s 2017…“professional” sucks (and it’s never worked for me).
  3. Be conscious of their time. You are interrupting this person’s day; it doesn’t matter how much value you might add, you are still interrupting their day. Be courteous of this fact. Lead with something like, “Hey look it’s not urgent, so no stress, but…” Cool and casual always wins.
  4. DON’T SAY YOU’RE CALLING FROM YOUR COMPANY. If you say you’re calling from your “company name” then you become a salesman that people don’t like. If you just say your name, say where you’re from, and that you are an expert in (service) you become a humble, trusted freelancer. You can tell them your business name afterward on the fly.
  5. If they’re not interested, DON’T TRY doing all those shitty “overcoming objections” techniques. You become a pain in the ass and, worse, a time leach. Just offer some value off the cuff, and later on send a text saying “Pleasure chatting mate, if you’re ever interested in (service) just give us a call”. If they are not interested don’t push, there are plenty of people who will be. Even better, just get their email, put them into a marketing sequence, and then follow up in 3 months.
  6. Add value. When you’re on the call, make sure you’re on this person’s website, or app, etc. Directly point out what could be changed so that 1. You come across as an expert and 2. You’re actually helping. Keep control of the conversation and keep it on YOUR terms and purpose.
  7. DON’T “ask for business.” Casually organize a meeting instead. My go to is “Mate, what we should do, if you got a spare 30 minutes later in the week, I’ll shout you a beer and show you a few things that will really help you achieve (goal).” (If they’re not into beer, then go the coffee route.) Just casually set up a meeting and go out there and be awesome, then ask for the business there, after bombarding them with value.If you want to close them on the phone, the easiest thing I say is “Cool, well if that sounds all good, I’ll send you an invoice and we can get started.”


Hursh Dodhia-Shah

24 year old full service digital agency owner from Perth, Australia. First time post university entrepreneur, when I am not working, you can catch me enjoying the fruits of my labour in traveling, snowboarding, and trapping out at hip hop gigs all over the world.