Who Trusts You?

In the social media age of “gaming” the system to get clicks and followers, it’s easy to make a lot of money by exploiting trends and playing “fast and loose.”

If you scream loud and often enough, some people will buy.

But regardless of the money that you might make from that style of work — and it could be a lot of money — that still doesn’t contribute much to society.

And that style of business doesn’t create trust.

The work we are doing needs to be about more than the money, truly. Otherwise, we’ll always use that as our our North Star, and by definition, we’ll probably make sacrifices on quality. It needs to be so good that our clients and customers can’t go to sleep at night without telling somebody else about their experience with us.

“Smash and grab” is a way to get paid quickly.

But attention and trust are not the same thing — and one dries up much more quickly than the other.

The long term approach is the only way to guarantee that your actions are always aligned with creating the maximum amount of trust and value with your audience — because if you plan on being around for the long haul, you’ll need their trust to sustain you.

Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something. A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business. His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.