You Are Enough

Every time you’ve felt slighted, hurt or angry — your reaction comes from a place of fear. But at the very bottom of it all, what are you so afraid of?

Maybe it’s fear of the weight of the world being too much.

Maybe you fear your shoulders are not strong enough to withstand the demands placed upon you.

That may be the basest fear of them all — the fear of not being “enough.”

Oftentimes, when the world demands more, it’s easy to forget that you’re enough.

Bills will come and demand more money.

Partners come and demand more love.

Children come and demand more time.

And sometimes, you probably feel like you do not have enough to give.

This is the fear talking. 

Silence the chatter and turn your attention inward.

Please remember one thing: you are enough.

You have always been, and always will be, enough.

Reminding somebody of this simple fact can take the weight of the world off their shoulders.

Start with yourself.

Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something.

A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business.

His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.

  • Stella Lang

    Straight… sharp and sure advice…. Thanking you… Daniele.
    Becoming less selfish & more selfless helps me accept I am enough, when slightly fraught with daily ‘to do’s’ and trying to fit everything and everyone ‘in’.. in the day. Surrendering to the here and now reaps great rewards and core satisfaction for my ‘what will be … will be’ mantra.
    This is how I accept I am enough Daniel, while I cope daily (with medication) with anxiety… low self worth etc….. long story.

    But yeah… as always… short, sharp sure advice resonates much, much more for me. I think in pictures and my mind is like a constant film reel…so keep them nuggets coming….much love ♡☆♡