Episode #33 – Whatever You Do In The Dark Will Eventually Come Into Light with Laura Dalpini

Welcome to the latest episode of the Rich20Something Podcast!

I had the chance to sit down with longtime Rich20 student and Tribe-member, Laura D.

In January 2012, Laura made a decision that changed her life in more ways than one. At her heaviest weight (272 lbs), she started on her personal journey toward total transformation…body, mind, and life’s calling.

What started as simple self-accountability, Laura documented her progress on Instagram and grew her following into 75,000 people who now follow her daily!

Laura started her business off the success of her social media following, helping people lose fat by changing their mind – which changes their body.

If you want to know how Laura built her following, made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, and monetized her social media followers…then you NEED to listen to today’s episode!


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Laura is the perfect example of what we teach at Rich20Something–that you can start a profitable online business using skills you already have, with no startup capital and no experience. Just grit and determination.

Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something. A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business. His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.

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