Episode #1 – With Matt Nelson

Today marks a VERY special day in the Rich20Something community.

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Rich20Something podcast 🙂

As a special treat and, well, because I love you—I’m going to be taping every single interview I conduct and releasing the footage to all the members of my tribe before the podcasts go live. And that starts TODAY.

THAT’S RIGHT. One entire hour of me on tape. I know, I know…you probably can’t contain yourself.

To kick things off, I thought it’d be awesome to talk to a “real business owner.” Someone you can relate to. A guy who had a dream, identified a passion, took calculated risks, and worked his ass off to make it happen.

I want to introduce you to my friend Matt Nelson.

Matt is a crazy impressive music producer and the owner of Forward Productions in Los Angeles. Over the last 10 years, he’s grown his business from the back of a shared apartment into a beautiful studio right outside of Hollywood.

When you see other people who are doing EXACTLY what you want to do…and you realize that they had to overcome all the same barriers as you…everything becomes a lot clearer.

Honestly…it’s just really damn motivating.

Enjoy today’s episode.


  • 0:50—Matt’s origins story – a struggling artist from Chicago who moved to L.A. to be a ROCK STAR – what he had to do to survive while living as close to the edge as possible
  • 8:31– The rise of the “Wantrepreneur” and how to set yourself apart (hint: figure out exactly what you want to do, and then plot out what you NEED to do to make that happen)
  • 11:31– Step by step how Matt methodically overcame his biggest barriers (internal and external)… and the confidence he gained to finally take the “leap”
  • 13:50– How Matt MADE IT HAPPEN – living on the edge of what’s possible, persistence, and PREPARING for success (even when you can’t recognize it)
  • 17:30– The concept of leverage. Growing your business by growing beyond yourself and how exponential growth starts with RELATIONSHIPS
  • 19:51– Matt’s secret sauce to get the best out of his clients – lessons from the studio that you can apply to your own business
  • 25:00– Valuable insights on literally BUILDING your own workspace. Utilizing EVERYTHING you have to make your dreams come true
  • 27:17Why companies DON’T want to hire you and how you can benefit by just doing the job yourself (hint: you have a skill that’s monetizable)
  • 30:10Why pursuing your passion can still be boring and why you HAVE to endure it to be successful
  • 33:30– Overnight success in 10 years – how sometimes you have to work at something for a long time without any apparent progress before you get a “break”
  • 40:15– How Matt sets boundaries and maintains a home-work balance
  • 48:36The takeaway: work when you’re up against the wall, when you’re scared, when it’s scary and when you’re BORED
  • 49:30– Matt’s final piece of advice to entrepreneurs
Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Rich20Something. A millennial business mastermind, he has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over $100K in revenue with zero startup capital. His work is regularly featured in Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fox News, and Yahoo! Business. His debut book, Rich20Something, publishes on May 2, 2017.