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ANNOUNCEMENT! Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want is in stores everywhere. For my debut book, I wanted to do things a little differently…   First, I released a mixtape…. Then, I sold $25,000 worth of books in one weekend with a massive […]

Daniel DiPiazza
May 3, 2017
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The Magic Words: “I Got You, Bro.”

Friendships are the name of the game. The people who will help you the most in business and life are those who you’ve spent months or even years cultivating friendships with. So, be more targeted about you who choose to form relationships with. It’s ok to find people who you […]

Daniel DiPiazza
September 26, 2017
Tags: Mindset

3 Lessons I Learned in Bali

It’s 8pm on my last night in Ubud, Bali and I couldn’t have enjoyed my time more. Here are a few things I’m thinking, off the top of my head that I wanted to share with you: #1: When we travel, we carry our lineage in our luggage. My grandmother […]

Daniel DiPiazza
September 24, 2017
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The Science to Getting “Lucky”

There’s no “side-stepping” the hard work. You’ll never be able to go around it. However, there are “black holes” of sorts that allow you to pass through the middle and end up in a different place if you look hard enough. These are inflection points. What most people don’t realize […]

Daniel DiPiazza
September 23, 2017
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How to Level Up Your Life

Doing work you’re passionate about is important — and even the word “passion” has become trendy these days. Everything in the entrepreneur space is positioned towards making money doing what you love. Of course you should work towards doing what you love and getting paid for it. Duh. But sometimes, […]

Daniel DiPiazza
September 21, 2017

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