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3 Hacks to Focus Deeply and Be More Productive

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In the age of social media and modern technology, we’ve lost the ability to focus. A lot of people like to say that they have ADHD, and while it’s no surprise that numbers are rising you don’t exactly need to be medically diagnosed to feel totally scattered all the time. ADHD or not, you definitely ARE […]

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Are you Unmistakable?

Are you unmistakable? Here’s what I mean… When something is unmistakable, it’s so distinctive that nobody else could have done it but you. It’s immediately recognized as something that you did. It has your stamp on it. Ever seen a phone designed by Apple or a car designed by Mercedes? Just a quick glance at […]

Quick pro-tip to get a LOT of reading done very quickly

Quick pro-tip to start your week off productive. Here’s how you get a LOT of reading done very quickly: Buy both the regular book (hardcover or paperback) then get the unabridged audio version on Audible and crank the speed up to 2x or even 2.5x. Follow along the words with your finger or a pen. […]

The Road to Success Is Boring. And That’s OK.

For a long time I was only “half in” my business. I had a good idea. It was sort of working. But life kept getting in the way. I always had a reason why today wasn’t a good day to get really focused and productive.  “Oh, I would get some work done…but I have to hang […]

What countries are on your “bucket list”?

What countries are still on your bucket list to visit before you die? I still have a few: Japan, Italy, Australia, Russia, Kenya, Brazil come to mind! When I first met my homie Matt Wilson , he was chipping away in New York, making world-class content for Under30CEO. But Matt had a serious vision to […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Lori Greiner’s 5 Major Rules for Becoming a Successful Inventor

I had the opportunity to interview prolific inventor and multimillionaire investor Lori Greiner. You probably know her from the wildly popular ABC show Shark Tank. But what you probably don’t know about her is that outside of being fun to watch, she packs some SERIOUS credentials — including having over 500 inventions and 120 patents […]


I’d venture to say that your NIGHT routine is actually more important than your morning routine. In order to wake up early, you have to set the stage for success by purposefully designing a bedtime ritual for yourself. In my case, this involves a few things every single night: NO TECH. I try my HARDEST […]

10 Timeless Lessons I Learned About Business from the Founders of America’s Biggest Wine Brand

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, the founders of the world’s most popular wine brand, Barefoot Wine. Check it out…I guarantee you’ll see one of these in your local grocery store!  What’s most humbling is that Michael and Bonnie had absolutely NO idea what they were doing at first. […]

The Surprising Way I Broke through Writer’s Block and Delivered my Debut Book on Time

 The cursor blinked. And blinked again. Aligned left and waiting for a letter to show up. The screen empty. Blinking at me. “I’m only on Chapter 5,” I’m thinking, sweating. “The manuscript is due in 3 weeks.” In October, I landed a 6-figure book deal with a major NY publisher and the first draft was […]

All You Need Is One “YES”

Did you ever watch “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? It’s one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it, the premise is very simple: a downtrodden man decides to stop rejecting opportunities that come his way, and instead, say “yes” to everything that’s in front of him. This decision opens up doors that he […]

All Doors Open

Whenever you try to make positive changes in your life, you’re going to be met with almost an endless amount of challenges. You’re going to hear the word “no” 10x more often than the word “yes” — and at some points, it may even begin to feel like the world is slamming the door to […]

GROUND ZERO: 6 Books Every Entrepreneur, Creative and Hustler Should Read

If you want to start a business, there’s simply no excuse to be clueless anymore. Imagine the fact that a world class expert can work for 30 years to figure something out, completely devoting her entire life to one particular question — and you can get all of her knowledge on that subject in a […]

The 7 Maxims of Personal Growth

Maxim #1: “I can always improve.”   There’s always something you can do to be better. A better entrepreneur. A better son, sibling, friend or partner. A better human. A better self. There might be times where you are haunted by mistakes in your past, and you mistakenly equate yourself with your mistakes. It sounds […]

The Number 1 Rule to Get Things Done (The Art of Ruthless Prioritization)

One of the biggest struggles millennials face is wading through the information overload to figure out what we should be doing with our time. Can you really blame us? Every time you look at your phone, dozens of pings, notifications and alerts flood the screen. All of them seem urgent. All of them could be […]

The Surprising Lesson Tupac Can Teach Struggling Entrepreneurs

Twenty years after his death, Tupac Shakur is still making music. Can someone explain how that’s possible? Seriously. He’s produced fifteen albums ― ten of them posthumously. In a period of five years from 1992-1996 he created a dozen albums, eight feature films, countless commercials, music videos and even two books of poetry. And this […]

This is Self-Awareness

Daniel here! (But only for a hot second…) I want to introduce my good friend and fellow Tribe member, Matt Hearnden. Matt’s a total G. He’s been helping me out with the Rich20Something book, is an active member in the Rich20Something Facebook community, is a fantastic writer, and is wise beyond his years…as you’ll soon see. […]

Why are creative people always frustrated?

What does it take to truly unlock your creative potential? I’ve written at length about the habits of geniuses like Einstein, Picasso and Stephen King…but I saw a quote last week by radio host/producer Ira Glass that I believe sums up the experience of creative growth PERFECTLY — especially with regard to the inevitable feelings of inadequacy that […]

This is your life….there are no “rollover” minutes

When you’re trying to get from one level of your life to the next, one of the most helpful things you can do is have an extended period of deep learning. In ancient times, young people often underwent periods of intense devotion to and study under the supervision of a master in order to learn […]

Entrepreneurship may not be for you.

We need to talk. Entrepreneurship as a vague philosophical concept is really trendy right now.  You’re going to see a lot of posts on social media talking about how it’s the only thing to truly set you free. That if you can’t do it, you’re not hustling. How working for yourself is the greatest thing […]

Inspiration is for Amateurs

Doing your best work isn’t easy. No way around it. Sometimes, coming up with a good idea feels a bit like pushing a giant boulder uphill. It. Just. Won’t. Move. If we’re being real, creation can be downright painful sometimes. But nothing numbs the pain of doing your best work like a little shot of […]

3 Hacks to Focus Deeply and Be More Productive

In the age of social media and modern technology, we’ve lost the ability to focus. A lot of people like to say that they have ADHD, and while it’s no surprise that numbers are rising you don’t exactly need to be medically diagnosed to feel totally scattered all the time. ADHD or not, you definitely ARE […]