What were your favorite entrepreneurs doing in their 20s?

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  • Episode #8

    Become a Financial Master and Create Effortless Abundance with Brad Hart

    I’ve been pondering something. Why does the average American NOT have any sort of formal education on personal finance? </>It seems so fundamental to living a meaningful and prosperous life, and yet the majority of us have no idea how to create wealth beyond our weekly paycheck. Money is made […]

  • Episode #7

    Taking Your Life From Average To Awesome with James Swanwick

    Ask yourself: If you truly want to change your world and achieve your dreams, how are you going to get there? Everyone talks about the power of networking. Personally, I HATE it. But that’s not to say you can’t set yourself up with the right mind-frame to absolutely crush every […]

  • Episode #6

    How To Master Your Fears and Become Superhuman with Mark Dhamma

    Quick question: when was the last time you purposely pushed yourself out of your comfort zone? I’m a firm believer in the idea that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the quickest ways to accomplish BIG goals. I mean, think about it…if you want something you’ve […]

  • Episode #5

    How to Start an Online Business with Joel Brown of Addicted2Success

    Have you ever wanted to know what it *actually* takes to start an online business? OK, let’s cut the crap. I know what you’re probably thinking. “Is starting a wildly profitable online business even possible for normal people??” The answer: Absolutely. But you’ll never get there reading blog post after […]

  • Episode #3

    Pick the Brain of a Multi (Multi) Millionaire with Steven Mehr

    Have you ever wanted to know what it *actually* takes to become a multi-millionaire? I mean, let’s just cut all the BS for a minute… Sure, it’s fun to scroll through Instragram and dream about making it big “one day” — but what are the step-by-step processes you should be […]

  • Episode #2

    How To Grow A Massive YouTube Channel with Nav BK

    It’s Monday people. You know what that means? Let me refresh your memory. Remember how last week I told you all about the new Rich20Something podcast? Remember how I told you I’m taping every single interview and releasing the footageto all the members of my tribe before the podcasts go […]

  • Episode #1

    With Matt Nelson

    Today marks a VERY special day in the Rich20Something community. Welcome to Episode #1 of the Rich20Something podcast 🙂 As a special treat and, well, because I love you—I’m going to be taping every single interview I conduct and releasing the footage to all the members of my tribe before […]

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